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I gave the beau homework to do over the past weekend. It was a wedding planning questionnaire I got from About.com Weddings. Here is the link: http://weddings.about.com/od/gettingstarted/a/Questionnaire.htm

I was surprised at how open he was to the homework. I did actually have to help him through a couple of the questions but he thought it was fun. What a great guy I have.

Anywho, basically the questionnaire helped us to sit down and develop a concrete plan about the style of wedding we want. We agreed on a lot: Spring wedding; orange, brown and cream colors; apparel and aesthetics are very important; keywords: fun, romantic, classy, funky, evening.

I suggest if you are in the same place I am – trying to get excited about such a stressful time – do this together with your partner. It really was fun and I think it helped us begin to move forward with plans.


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The Evolution

At first, we wanted to hurry and get married before the end of the year. So romantic…and then reality. We need way more time to save money and get ourselves together. But at that time, the fall wedding plans were all a flutter in my head. Here’s s sample of what would have been:

Fall 2007

Brown Tux

BM dress1

What would have been winter 2008, coming soon…

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The Budget

Our budget is $5000.  This is what me and the beau both agreed on.  I am thinking I should be sneaky and save more.  After all, he has to buy my engagement ring which we are not including in the budget.  So, maybe it will be $5500. 

Now do you see why I am stressed?  That is not a lot of $ at all.  But you know what, while I wish I had a bit more to spend, I still think spending $20k on a wedding is rediculous  (Average cost of U.S. wedding, by the way).  I’d rather buy a car.  I refuse to go into debt at the start of my marriage.  My marriage will be way more important than the wedding. 

Conversely, I want a perfectly lovely wedding, so I think having and planning a “budget” wedding will be a great challenge.  I have a lot of Martha Stewart in me and I am very tenacious and determined.  I have already been greatly inspired by a blog I came across, Save For a Wedding.  They have a great vision and I am excited that they are being smart and resourceful about their wedding.  Here’s a little chart that I made as I was inspired by the afore mentioned blog:

I am also reading every thing wedding there is to read on the internet.  The first thing you are supposed to do is determine the budget so at least I was able to invlove the fiance in planning that.  I am really hopeful that together we can pull this off and that even he will will say what a good job we did making it a beautiful day. 

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Hello world!

Another blog added to the growing family.  I started this because I am technically engaged but we are very strapped for funds right now.  So, it’s very hard for me to be excited as I am so stressed.  I don’t have a ring yet and while that’s ok, it does seem a bit unofficial.  Oh the traditions of weddings!  Why do we care so much?  Well, I’m trying to express myself via this blog in ways I may not be able to express to friends, family and of course my sweetie.  Funny how you can feel more comfortable commiserating with strangers, huh?

Enjoy my plans and my thoughts.  Comment often.  And pray for me too!

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