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Knottie DIY

This is the cutest STD ever (that reads wrong on so many levels)!  I cannot get over how clever and creative this is.

So freakin’ cute.  I wish Kirsten & Jason all the best!


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We haven’t even officially booked our venue but that hasn’t stopped me from full planning ahead. I tackled a major project last weekend and designed our wedding stationary. I mean practically everything.

I plan on using the envelopments pocket folds in tobacco or cocoa for the invitation package

Here is a prelim of the invite and rsvp card:

Sorry about the quality. I saved them as jpegs in order to upload them and it lost a little something.

I designed them using a combo of PhotoShop and Paint.net. The fonts are Scriptina and Century Gothic. I had my little font lover heart set on Cezanne

but when I really thought about it, I decided to save the money and find a free font. I found Scriptina on Free-Fonts.com and loved it. I don’t even feel like I compromised at all because it is so lovely.

I was inspired by this print I found via Print & Pattern by Amanda Dilworth.

Although my interpretation is far from literal, I felt that the anemone flower I found via etc.usf.edu has the same feeling as the flowers in the print.

Anywhoozy, here’s more:
Escort card:

VIP Ceremony Seating card:

Reception Music Selections Card:

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Brides.com has a cool new tool that allows you to design “your” wedding cake.  They have some pretty nice options.  Here’s what I came up with:

Create a Cake

Go try it and post pics of your designs.

Brides.com Create-a-Cake

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Wedding Abbreviations

I was clueless as to what most of the abbreviations I keep seeing on wedding sites mean. I knew, MOH and FIL but FI? I didn’t know where that came from. So, I looked it up and found a list of helpful abbreviations and their meanings via ConstantChatter.com.

BM-Bridesmaid or Best Man (depending on the context it’s in)
BTB-Bride to Be
FG – Flower Girl
FOB-Father of the Bride
FOG-Father if the Groom
MOB-Mother of the Bride
MOG-Mother of the Groom
MOH-Maid of Honor/Matron of Honor (“Maid” for single “Matron” if married)
RB-Ring Bearer
RD-Rehearsal Dinner
BIL-Brother In Law
DIL-Daughter In Law
FBIL-Future Brother In Law
FFIL-Future Father In Law
FH-Future husband
FI-Future In-law/Fiance
FIL-Father in Law
FMIL-Future Mother In Law
FSIL-Future Sister in law
MIL-Mother In Law
SIL-Sister In Law/Son In Law
SO-Significant Other
EPic-Engagement Pictures
ERing-Engagement Ring

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I am a very odd girl sometimes. Specifically, when it comes to my yet to be bought engagement ring, I am a weirdo. I do not want a large diamond. I don’t want anything that sticks up far in the air, even if it’s small. I hate wearing jewelry of anykind but I love jewelry. It looks great but I can’t even wear a watch without getting completely annoyed.

What I really want is a diamond band as my engagemnet ring. Something very slim and dainty. I would then pair it with a plain band as my wedding ring.

Some examples:

And voila, no muss no fuss

But if I did get a more traditional ring, I would want this one:

Ok, so it’s still not very traditional but it’s gorge! Tiffany’s, of course…

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My FH and I had an appointment with our second venue option, The Arts District Banquet Facility.  I loved it.  It was quite intimate but can hold up to 250 (I think).  There are several set up options.  Somehow the space is modern but the art gallery and marble made it very classic as well.  Did I mention that I loved it?  I was so impressed with the service and attention I received, and it was just an initial appointment.  FH was feeling a bit ignored but… 

They gave me a proposal and threw in some nice surprises as well.  The experience was great.  It is a bit out of my budget.  Actually, it is my entire budget but my Mom said she would “see what she could do.”  I like the sound of that. 

Fingers crossed, praying, hoping, dreaming…

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Shoe Betcha

One good thing about my life pertaining to my wedding budget is that I get to save a ton of money on my dress. Why, you ask? Because as a designer/seamstress, I will most definitely design/make my dress. I get the hook up on fabric (and no tax – booyah!) so even thought I have my eye on Silk Duchess Satin, I should still come in on the cheap. Shoes are a different story. I want gorgeous shoes and I will have to pay for them. I’m thinking of a high-heel sandal with a bow. Let’s see what we can find for a reasonable price:

Martinez Valero Camilla – $130.95 @ zappos.com
I would prefer shoes under $100 but these are really gorgeous. I want more of a light gold color dress so these would work well.

Nina Garland-GS – $82.95 @ zappos.com
These are a great price but I don’t think the jewel thing is my taste. Moving on…

Caparros Mayflower – $59.95 @ zappos.com
I really like these, in spite of the jewel thing but the color may be a bit dark to try and match fabric to. Look at the multi view to see how cute these really are. Shoes with a strap like these rarely stay on well. Great price!

Kate Spade Lover – $298.95 @ zappos.com
So aptly named. I love, love the style but hate, hate the price! Damn, Katie. Why you gotta be too fly for me?

Grace Evita – $110.00 @ myglassslipper.com
I think these are my favorites so far. They have a color called Candlelight (ooh) but they may be too light for me. I should just order them and see but it’s so hard to take the plunge for online purchases. Elle cheapette here does not like to pay shipping for returns. That’s why zappos would be cool but they don’t have these. Bastards.

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