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Now I am on to shopping for jewelry. My something old will be a gold rose necklace my late grandmother gave me when I was about 10. I’m not sure if I will use it as a necklace. I might try it as a bracelet or as a bouquet charm.

Right now, my main focus is on earrings and bangles. I know I want drop style earrings but I’m undecided on the stones. Citrine would work b/cc of the orange/gold color and it is my mister’s birthstone. I can’t go wrong with Diamonds but I may have to sacrifice size. The main site I’m searching is ICE.com, mainly b/c the selection is good and they have a great monthly payment option. Here are some contenders:




I really like the idea of wearing pearls.



I also like this necklace but I’m supposed to be focussed on earrings…

citrine necklace$175

I didn’t find too much in the way of bracelets except this beauty, which is completely out of my price range.


Visions and decisions…


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Wedding Shoes – Found!

I just bought my wedding shoes. I have been searching and searching. I thought I might do chocolate brown satin. Then I thought maybe a bronze would be better. Lately, I figured a rich gold would look best. This morning, I looked a shoebuy.com, shoemall.com and piperlime.com. Piperlime was it! I found these gorgeous little things:

Wedding shoes

Caparros Reina @ 65.00. They are 100% silk and a great price. FYI – these shoes cost more than my dress (I told you it was insanely priced). I bought the last pair they had – not just in my size but THE last gold pair. Uh, huh. Now they have silver and black, which are both on sale. Mine were not (bastards) but it was so meant to be, I had to purchase them. I’m the pickiest shoe shopper ever and the only thing negative about these is the heel. I wish it were a bit pointier and did not curve out slightly at the bottom but I forgive them. Everything else is so perfect and elegant. I didn’t think I would go for the peep toe but with my dress, a sandal with a bow wouldn’t work. I called my Mom to see if she thought they would work and she really liked them. Happy as can be am I!

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For the past three weeks I have been obsessed with designing Invitations. I had to start from scratch with all of my paperie for the weeding (see Designer Extraordinaire) now that we are getting married in Vegas in February. I don’t want the typical winter theme but I don’t want my choice of colors (gold, cream brown with touches of yellow and green) to feel too fall like either. So, I’ve been a bit stressed and asking myself – “what is the theme or motif that will tie all the decor and stationary together?” FH hasn’t been much help b/c he thinks motifs are gay, lol! So it’s up to me to get it together and see if he likes it. He will probably get vetoed if he disapproves of a design I really like but I’ll still give him a chance at some input. I wanted something with an Asian feel but also French – somehow modern but I also like the idea of damask somehow. I played around with some designs but just couldn’t get excited. Here are some invites I designed before I decided on my theme/motif (I’ll tell you later in this post):


I love this one but the colors are too fall like…


I really like the idea of using the chandelier but this only looked good in black and FH said it looked like a old phone book ad? Whatev!

Gold WallpaperInvite

FH really like this one but the colors were a bit off and it was a bit too vintagey for me. Words I never thought I would say.

After much thought, I decided I would use a rose or roses as our theme/motif. I did not want anything too Anna Griffin but I did want a sort of vintage feel too it. I perused one of my favorite clip art sites, Clipart ETC, and found all kinds of pretty roses:



I decided I liked this one:

Rose motif
It’s very geometric so it will do. It’s not terribly feminine and fancy. I changed the color to a light gold and whipped up an invite in Photoshop.


I’m pretty sold on this. With an ivory linen paper and a brown mat, it would look great with an ivory pocket folder. I would add some light gold touches, like a matching ribbon. I’m giving myself until the end of the week to make a decision and then, let the printing and prepping begin.

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I completed and sent off my Bridesmaids’ newsletters today. Thank goodness. I love the idea but it was a fair amount of work. I hope my Bridesmaids appreciate the information in that format. Two out of four of them live away – one in Austin and the other in Phoenix – so email is my preferred method of communication.

Mister, don’t look – even though I’m only showing thumbnails, there is a pic of my dress!








newsletter pg 1newsletter pg 2newsletter pg 3newsletter pg 4

I used the Vintage Template in Publisher and just changed the colors to suit my scheme. I really like how they turned out and I will keep a copy for myself for the wedding planning scrapbook I plan on making.  If you want to see the full size files, email me @ ccfrench78 at msn dot com.

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I was told about this adorable site, Wifeville by a coworker whose friend (of a friend) started the company. It was so appropriate for me because I’m getting married. I emailed a quick note saying how much I love the tees and undies and they featured me as one of their “Wives on the Way” and sent me a nice email response.


That is great customer service even though I haven’t bought anything yet. But I will! I love the “C’est la Wife” Tee pictured below.

C’est la Wife

I can’t wait to shop!

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Today I am getting started on my welcome bags for our guests. My first component is the crossword puzzle which I think will be a fun touch. I used EclipseCrossword Software. It’s really intuitive and easy. I also used Dictionary.com’s Crossword solver to help out with clues to the words I want to use. It was a very helpful resource. Here’s a small jpeg of the actual Word Document.


I’m so happy with how it turned out. I’ll probably add the obligatory water bottle to the bags as well as some tourist information about Vegas. I’m still planning that out but at least I have one small project done. Yay!

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