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French for Him

I found the most awesomest (I’m using poor English on purpose there people) cuff links over at Cufflinks.com.


Those are pretty dope. I bought my Mister some silver and diamond cuff links as an engagement present a while back and I figured he would wear those at the wedding but now…not sure…these are just…so…awesome!


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One Dress down – two to go (I hope).

Background: So, I started out with 4 gals in my wedding party and now I am down to a definite two, possible three, total. You see my matron of Honor, or Lady of Honor (which I am leaning more towards as her title) , is attending school in Houston to be a CRNA. She graduates in December (yay!) and she starts working in January. She is going to the the U.S. Virgin Islands either in January or April (I forgot) and so she is not sure if she will be able to take off for my wedding, which unfortunately for some, is on a weekday. I’m praying for the best but I will be fine if she can’t make it. I want her there and I know she would want to be there and that makes me feel ok about the whole situation.

Moving on: I was originally leaning towards brown dresses for my ladies but thought they came off looking too fallish. Then, gold seemed to be my color of choice but it didn’t provide enough umph or contrast with my dress. I am adamant about my girls wearing different styles. I just want the whole affair to be styled in a very modern way and I don’t want matchy, stiff satin, formal dresses.

So to make things easier for us all, I decided that black cocktail dresses with gold accents would work and look great. The first dress I found is for my BM, Kelly and I knew it would look amazing on her:

Nicole Miller BM dress

It is a Nicole Miller Silk and Lace bubble Dress with Gold Lining. I originally found it on Neiman’s website in the LastCall Clearance section for a great price but by the time I went to purchase it, it was sold out. Which, is actually a good thing because all they had was a size 6. Although Kelly is like a 4/6 in real life, in Nicole Miller’s world, she’s more like an 8. I know this because I found the dress at SmartBargains (Thank the Good Lord) in a size 10 for like $70 plus shipping. It arrived quickly and I took it over to Kelly for her to try it on immediately. It is so fabulous and will look so great with my dress. She needs it taken in a bit but it fits pretty well. So happy!

Now, I need to find two more (hope, hope) dresses for my other ladies. Here are some ideas:

velvet torch dress

This a a cute Silk Dupioni Dress from Velvet Torch at Nordstrom. I would add a gold sash and it would fit in with style.

Other cute dresses from Nordstrom:




I can’t wait to see what my other gals decide to go with. Sure, I’ll have some input but ultimately they have to like it and feel comfortable wearing it.

I also let them know that shoes and jewelry will be gold. I am buying them earrings as a surprise, which I am am very excited about and will blog about in a later post.

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I decided to do without a guest book and opt for something a bit different. I’ve seen a lot of people do wish bowls and wish trees and really liked that idea. My destination wedding spin on that is to have a guest box in the form of a suitcase. It goes with the destination theme and will be easy to pack. Today, I perused the net for some interesting boxes. My first love was this little number from weddingthings.com:

Suitcase box

However, they do not have brown or white in stock and they other colors will not work. So after much searching and browsing, I found this delightful chipboard suitcase:


The store is California Paper Goods and they have a lot of stuff on their site. I think this suitcase will work great because we will be able to see the colorful paper notes peeking through the window. I may paint it but I actually like the natural look of it. Now I need to pick what color paper to use for the notes, find cute little pens or markers and decide how to set it all up. I have time for that but it does feel good to check more items of my list of To-Dos.

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Dinner Guest: Nicole Miller

Nicole Miller will be attending my wedding night dinner with me and the new hubby. How did I swing that you ask? Easy. I just purchased her from Neiman’s. Well, Mom did – you know how that goes.

Here she is:

Nicole Miller Bubble Dress

White. Silk. Was $345 – Now $86 (for the layperson. Super cheap for moi). Sorry ladies, I got the last one. Now, I don’t have to sew anything. Damn it feels good to be gangster (shopper).

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I just ordered yummy paper from Paper Source for my invitations-

Invitation backing in Chocolate:

and my envelopes / rsvp cardstock in Cement.

We decided not to use inner envelopes because it is the year 2007 and I don’t really understand the need to waste that extra paper. People are just going to throw it away and not recycle. I am using a gold belly band to keep the invitation suite all nicely bundled together. It is a gorgeous light gold vellum I purchased at JoAnn’s and it looks great with my invitations. Here is a digital mock-up of the final invitation design:


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One Busy Bride-To-Be

Today I…

bought my necklace,

coin pearl necklace

found my earrings (will buy soon – in gold),


ordered veil swatches from veilshop.com,

put the deposit down on the cake from the Chocolate Swan (it will look sort of like this but with two tiers, gold ribbon and more relaxed rose placement for the topper)

choc sawn cake


paid for our reception/wedding night suite – the Mandalay Bay Vista Suite.  They faxed me pics of it and it is major!  I feel so blessed.  Whew!  I’ve never enjoyed spending money as much as I have today.

But I did not overspend.  Everything is within the budget.  Just wanted to clarify.  ;P

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Wedding Shoes – Fab!

Here are my shoes:


I bought them on Friday, 9.21 and received them on Thursday, 9.27. Not bad Piperlime. I love them. They go perfectly with my dress. Yay!

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