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Etsy – You Betsy

I found my earrings on Etsy. They are so sweet and go with my necklace perfectly but I am glad they are not a set.  Oh, they were a great price!  As soon as I get them, I will try them on for you.  I told my Mister that he is now banned from reading this blog.


from etsy.com seller aidab

coin pearl necklace

thumbnail of ice.com necklace


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DIY Rose Cuff

I think I saw somewhere on Weddingbee.com about cuff bracelets – not sure and I’m too lazy to go search for it. Anyway, I had these gorgeous little rose appliqués that have been in my studio forever. I suddenly had a thought the other day to use them. Duh, roses are the motif for my wedding. So I got to work and let the creativity flow.

the appliquesthe virgin appliqués

sewed appliquessewed together

3 of them were the perfect length for a cuff bracelet.

I must have deleted the pic of me painting the appliqués but all I did was mix acrylic paints – gold with a bit of yellow and a smidgen of mauve – and the color came out perfectly. I attached a large pearl button from the plethora of buttons I have around. It was so perfect as my jewelry is all coin pearls. I just clipped the button hole out of the appliqué where it would not unravel and voila:

final cuff

Here are some shots of me modelling the cuff, although I think I will wear it on my right hand as not to clash with my ring.



So this project was super cheap. I purchased the appliqués a zillion years ago for a very nominal price that I don’t remember. The button is from my Mom or Grandmother’s button collection that was passed on to me. I always keep paint in stock and really didn’t have to use a large amount.

I am thrilled the with how it turned out and it complements my dress and accessories so well. I love when DIY works!

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I decided to try and track down a funny prenup for Mister to sign. For my 28th birthday, he made me sign a girlfriend contract that was so outrageous and funny. It had me agree to things like letting him go out whenever he wanted and if I ran into an ex, to say things like, my new boyfriend is smarter than you… I signed it but wrote the expiration date for one day later. lol

I only found a few funny ones, but here are the links to them.  It’s a good laugh.  Links below are old so they have been removed.

Bubba’s Handy Dandy Prenuptial Agreement

A humorous prenuptial agreement

Wifely Expectations Contract (this one is just crazy)

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Express Yourself

MyExpression.com is a great site for cute invitations and thank you cards.  I came across it today and am so impressed with the selection and prices.  Here are some of my favorite thank-yous:

vintage thankyou

Cross thankyou

Stripe Thankyou

I may actually forgo printing my own thank yous (my design) ThankYou

or, maybe I will just buy my shower thank yous from MyExpression.com.  Another decision to make…

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