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Bachelorette Fun

One of my BFFs hosted a sort-of surprise Bachelorette Weekend for me. I had so much fun but look at this picture of the yucky weather we faced on Saturday:


And it was cold.

My hostess and her mother treated us all to Mani/Pedis and Mimosas at Deluxe Nail Salon in McKinney. The place is so nice that I will go back even though it is quite far. My MOH lives in McKinney so I have another excuse to visit her more often. She couldn’t join us b/c she had the flu and I keep praying that she feels better for the wedding…But I digress. Pictures:


On to lunch (which consisted of lots of cheese and crackers and wine) and gifts which was a complete surprise. It was a great day.


While trying to recover from cheese bloat, we decided to get dressed for our night out, (my dear hostess’ mother let slip that we were going to Dragonfly. Yum.


I love that blurry picture for some reason. Moving on:


Big Flirts in both pics!


I was trying to be funny in the dessert pic. The chocolate cake was divine (we all shared).


Posin’ – a lot.

After dinner, we headed to the Candleroom and had a few more drinks. We were well behaved because the weather was so bad but we managed to have a great time. I even let me hair down.



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Here are the earrings I bought for my Bridesmaids:


Aren’t they so cute?  I bought them from etsy seller “trystbykerry“.  She has a beautiful website as well and I love all her jewelry.  She even made me a pair of these with a black rose.  What a great find.  Please go visit her shop.  You’ll love it.

So, along with the Kiehl’s French Rosewater and the lip balm (and luncheon of course), I think I’ve got them covered.

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My lovely friends, Kelly (Matron of Honor) and Kim (House Party) along with the help of my beautiful mother, threw me the best Bridal Shower this past Saturday.  Everything was so gorgeous, especially the food!  I saw friends whom I hadn’t seen in years and got to know my future MIL even better.  I was overwhelmed by the generosity of my guests and I had a wonderful time.  Here are some highlights of the afternoon:








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As I have mentioned before, our theme is French (more implied than literal, however I am spelling out and using several French words on our paperie and some food will have French elements) and our motif is a rose. I don’t think I am going overboard with coordinating elements to fit the them but I am trying to tie a lot of things together, like my Bridesmaids’ gifts (they aren’t into blogs so I’m safe writing about it).

I am planning on purchasing these:RoseSkull from Charmed&Dangerous . I emailed them and they are going to let me but them with only roses. How awesome is that??!!!

I bought these lovely gifts for them over the weekend for my BMs and my two HouseParty ladies:


Kiehl’s FrenchRosewater (parfait!) and Lip Balm in various shades.

I think I will decorate the bar of the hotel suite with these lovelies:


White rose flower lights from PlumParty.com

Other Inspirations:

Armani Rose Skirt

Armani Floral Silk Skirt – Neiman Marcus


Lucite Rose Cuff from JacarandaStyle.com


Rose necklace with Citrine drops from HelloEmeralds.com


Cocktail hat from UrbanOutfitters.com

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One Dress down – two to go (I hope).

Background: So, I started out with 4 gals in my wedding party and now I am down to a definite two, possible three, total. You see my matron of Honor, or Lady of Honor (which I am leaning more towards as her title) , is attending school in Houston to be a CRNA. She graduates in December (yay!) and she starts working in January. She is going to the the U.S. Virgin Islands either in January or April (I forgot) and so she is not sure if she will be able to take off for my wedding, which unfortunately for some, is on a weekday. I’m praying for the best but I will be fine if she can’t make it. I want her there and I know she would want to be there and that makes me feel ok about the whole situation.

Moving on: I was originally leaning towards brown dresses for my ladies but thought they came off looking too fallish. Then, gold seemed to be my color of choice but it didn’t provide enough umph or contrast with my dress. I am adamant about my girls wearing different styles. I just want the whole affair to be styled in a very modern way and I don’t want matchy, stiff satin, formal dresses.

So to make things easier for us all, I decided that black cocktail dresses with gold accents would work and look great. The first dress I found is for my BM, Kelly and I knew it would look amazing on her:

Nicole Miller BM dress

It is a Nicole Miller Silk and Lace bubble Dress with Gold Lining. I originally found it on Neiman’s website in the LastCall Clearance section for a great price but by the time I went to purchase it, it was sold out. Which, is actually a good thing because all they had was a size 6. Although Kelly is like a 4/6 in real life, in Nicole Miller’s world, she’s more like an 8. I know this because I found the dress at SmartBargains (Thank the Good Lord) in a size 10 for like $70 plus shipping. It arrived quickly and I took it over to Kelly for her to try it on immediately. It is so fabulous and will look so great with my dress. She needs it taken in a bit but it fits pretty well. So happy!

Now, I need to find two more (hope, hope) dresses for my other ladies. Here are some ideas:

velvet torch dress

This a a cute Silk Dupioni Dress from Velvet Torch at Nordstrom. I would add a gold sash and it would fit in with style.

Other cute dresses from Nordstrom:




I can’t wait to see what my other gals decide to go with. Sure, I’ll have some input but ultimately they have to like it and feel comfortable wearing it.

I also let them know that shoes and jewelry will be gold. I am buying them earrings as a surprise, which I am am very excited about and will blog about in a later post.

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