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Flora for Dummies

My floral package plans are due soon and while I know exactly what I want, I still have a BM that may not be able to attend my wedding so I’m waiting on her…

However, for those brides who may be on the fence about bouquet ideas and floral designs in general, I found a neat little article on dummies.com, to assist with wedding planning.


I am having a 9 ivory rose round bouquet with black, brown and gold ribbon.  Sounds out there but it will look great.  Guess you have to wait and see.  My BM’s will have 3 ivory rose poseys with gold ribbon.  The bouts will be ivory roses and the corsages will be ivory roses.  Pretty simple.  Minimal greenery and NO baby’s breath!

I’m not a bride that thinks flowers are very important but of course, I want them to look nice and cohesive.  I can’t wait to see the end result myself.


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As I have mentioned before, our theme is French (more implied than literal, however I am spelling out and using several French words on our paperie and some food will have French elements) and our motif is a rose. I don’t think I am going overboard with coordinating elements to fit the them but I am trying to tie a lot of things together, like my Bridesmaids’ gifts (they aren’t into blogs so I’m safe writing about it).

I am planning on purchasing these:RoseSkull from Charmed&Dangerous . I emailed them and they are going to let me but them with only roses. How awesome is that??!!!

I bought these lovely gifts for them over the weekend for my BMs and my two HouseParty ladies:


Kiehl’s FrenchRosewater (parfait!) and Lip Balm in various shades.

I think I will decorate the bar of the hotel suite with these lovelies:


White rose flower lights from PlumParty.com

Other Inspirations:

Armani Rose Skirt

Armani Floral Silk Skirt – Neiman Marcus


Lucite Rose Cuff from JacarandaStyle.com


Rose necklace with Citrine drops from HelloEmeralds.com


Cocktail hat from UrbanOutfitters.com

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