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I forgot to post about so many things.  First, my wedding ring – which I love, love, love, love (sorry, that was borderline obnoxious).


It’s a black diamond band from Ice.com.  It really looks great with my ring.  Here is a pro shot from the wedding:3Rings

I had a time trying to get a band to match my not really an engagement ring, engagement ring.  This one works well and I bet no one else out there has this particular combination for their wedding rings.  I love being different.

I was raking through some of my old Fountain of Fashion blog archives and found this post from Jan. 2006, The Little Death.  I forgot that I loved black diamonds so much.

By the way, I no longer post on that blog.  If you are interested, go to CCStyle for my (fashion) blog.  More OML pics on the way…


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Even though we were both for the Giants, my mister made sort-of a wager if they won the Superbowl.  It was in the third quarter and the score was close, you remember how tense of a game it was.  So, mister is on the edge of his seat and he’s so antsy and nervous.  He jumps up and shouts to me, “If the Giants win, I’ll buy you a $10,000 wedding ring.”

Um ok – what a weirdo right!  Now, I don’t expect him to keep his word as he/we cannot afford a $10k wedding band but it was still cute, no?  Still, I’m thinking that he’s gonna upgrade me pretty good.  He’s just so happy the Giants won.
I happen to love football and we both get a little depressed when football season is over.  So ladies, always remember to enjoy football with your man.  You never know what rewards you will reap!

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Here are the earrings I bought for my Bridesmaids:


Aren’t they so cute?  I bought them from etsy seller “trystbykerry“.  She has a beautiful website as well and I love all her jewelry.  She even made me a pair of these with a black rose.  What a great find.  Please go visit her shop.  You’ll love it.

So, along with the Kiehl’s French Rosewater and the lip balm (and luncheon of course), I think I’ve got them covered.

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Here is my ideal wedding band:


Here is my dream bracelet to wear with it:


It’s only $36K! LOL!

I really don’t know why I like the bezel setting so much. It doesn’t matter if the ring is more vintage in design, vintagebezelringthe bezel setting just screams modernity and uniqueness.


My wedding band may not end up to be an eternity band with bezel set diamonds but it really would work perfect with my eRing. Hopefully, we will get our wedding rings picked out soon. Time is a tickin’!

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As I have mentioned before, our theme is French (more implied than literal, however I am spelling out and using several French words on our paperie and some food will have French elements) and our motif is a rose. I don’t think I am going overboard with coordinating elements to fit the them but I am trying to tie a lot of things together, like my Bridesmaids’ gifts (they aren’t into blogs so I’m safe writing about it).

I am planning on purchasing these:RoseSkull from Charmed&Dangerous . I emailed them and they are going to let me but them with only roses. How awesome is that??!!!

I bought these lovely gifts for them over the weekend for my BMs and my two HouseParty ladies:


Kiehl’s FrenchRosewater (parfait!) and Lip Balm in various shades.

I think I will decorate the bar of the hotel suite with these lovelies:


White rose flower lights from PlumParty.com

Other Inspirations:

Armani Rose Skirt

Armani Floral Silk Skirt – Neiman Marcus


Lucite Rose Cuff from JacarandaStyle.com


Rose necklace with Citrine drops from HelloEmeralds.com


Cocktail hat from UrbanOutfitters.com

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Etsy – You Betsy

I found my earrings on Etsy. They are so sweet and go with my necklace perfectly but I am glad they are not a set.  Oh, they were a great price!  As soon as I get them, I will try them on for you.  I told my Mister that he is now banned from reading this blog.


from etsy.com seller aidab

coin pearl necklace

thumbnail of ice.com necklace

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DIY Rose Cuff

I think I saw somewhere on Weddingbee.com about cuff bracelets – not sure and I’m too lazy to go search for it. Anyway, I had these gorgeous little rose appliqués that have been in my studio forever. I suddenly had a thought the other day to use them. Duh, roses are the motif for my wedding. So I got to work and let the creativity flow.

the appliquesthe virgin appliqués

sewed appliquessewed together

3 of them were the perfect length for a cuff bracelet.

I must have deleted the pic of me painting the appliqués but all I did was mix acrylic paints – gold with a bit of yellow and a smidgen of mauve – and the color came out perfectly. I attached a large pearl button from the plethora of buttons I have around. It was so perfect as my jewelry is all coin pearls. I just clipped the button hole out of the appliqué where it would not unravel and voila:

final cuff

Here are some shots of me modelling the cuff, although I think I will wear it on my right hand as not to clash with my ring.



So this project was super cheap. I purchased the appliqués a zillion years ago for a very nominal price that I don’t remember. The button is from my Mom or Grandmother’s button collection that was passed on to me. I always keep paint in stock and really didn’t have to use a large amount.

I am thrilled the with how it turned out and it complements my dress and accessories so well. I love when DIY works!

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