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The Name Shame

I received my first official mail with my new last name.  Trouble is – I don’t know if like it.  I decided to change my name, much to my chagrin (love you honey).  I am so used to my name.  I like having double initials, which gives me my nick-name, CC.  But, I love my husband  and I love the idea of us sharing whatever we can.  I also want to have the same name as my children (God-willing).  What I decided was to just add my new last name to my current name, keeping my middle name.  Got that?  I will have 4 names.  I will ask to be addressed by first, old-last, new-last (no hyphen).  Legally, you have to have a hyphen to keep your old last name as a surname but I don’t care.  That’s how I will be referred to and the US gov’t can kiss it!

Still, I am totally procrastinating about changing it.  I need to order an official copy of our marriage certificate, which we should have done when we got our license.  It’s so labor intensive.  Done with my B&M session.  Switching to excitement about eventually becoming an official “new woman”!


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What’s Next?

Today is our two week anniversary.  Whoa!  It’s great being married and not having to venture away from my honey to go to a far away apartment.  That’s right – we did not live together until right before we left for Las Vegas.  I moved in to my DH’s home the weekend before.  I do not recommend moving the weekend before your wedding, by the way.  So much stress.

But now, my focus is on turning my new house into a home.  DH was living pretty viking-like, as most bachelor’s do.  The house needs a woman’s touch and I have decorating on the brain.  From paint, to curtains, to new furniture, it’s all I can think about.   I’ll probably start a whole new blog to document my adventures in interior design, so I’ll keep you updated.

I feel so blessed right now and so happy – I really hope this feeling lasts…!

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