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Even though we were both for the Giants, my mister made sort-of a wager if they won the Superbowl.  It was in the third quarter and the score was close, you remember how tense of a game it was.  So, mister is on the edge of his seat and he’s so antsy and nervous.  He jumps up and shouts to me, “If the Giants win, I’ll buy you a $10,000 wedding ring.”

Um ok – what a weirdo right!  Now, I don’t expect him to keep his word as he/we cannot afford a $10k wedding band but it was still cute, no?  Still, I’m thinking that he’s gonna upgrade me pretty good.  He’s just so happy the Giants won.
I happen to love football and we both get a little depressed when football season is over.  So ladies, always remember to enjoy football with your man.  You never know what rewards you will reap!


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Right in front – of my face – is my ring – and I like it!  Actually, I love it.  I know I posted before about rings I liked but I wanted to give you a refresher…

good rings

Now, the rings below are bad, bad rings (For me – just not my style – not knockin’ anyone else)…

 bad rings

Now for my little darling.  I didn’t realize how hard it was to take a picture of a ring so here goes:

My Ring1

I know my wrapped wrist is wonkie lookin’ but I really couldn’t wait to take pics of my ring (sprained doing yoga, of all things).

My Ring 2

So, it’s not the Tiffany Elsa Peretti® swan ring, tiffany-elsa-perretti-swan-ring-thumbnail.jpgbut it reminds me of it and we did not go broke! 

I’m so happy.

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I am a very odd girl sometimes. Specifically, when it comes to my yet to be bought engagement ring, I am a weirdo. I do not want a large diamond. I don’t want anything that sticks up far in the air, even if it’s small. I hate wearing jewelry of anykind but I love jewelry. It looks great but I can’t even wear a watch without getting completely annoyed.

What I really want is a diamond band as my engagemnet ring. Something very slim and dainty. I would then pair it with a plain band as my wedding ring.

Some examples:

And voila, no muss no fuss

But if I did get a more traditional ring, I would want this one:

Ok, so it’s still not very traditional but it’s gorge! Tiffany’s, of course…

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