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Even though we were both for the Giants, my mister made sort-of a wager if they won the Superbowl.  It was in the third quarter and the score was close, you remember how tense of a game it was.  So, mister is on the edge of his seat and he’s so antsy and nervous.  He jumps up and shouts to me, “If the Giants win, I’ll buy you a $10,000 wedding ring.”

Um ok – what a weirdo right!  Now, I don’t expect him to keep his word as he/we cannot afford a $10k wedding band but it was still cute, no?  Still, I’m thinking that he’s gonna upgrade me pretty good.  He’s just so happy the Giants won.
I happen to love football and we both get a little depressed when football season is over.  So ladies, always remember to enjoy football with your man.  You never know what rewards you will reap!


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These are only supposed to be for my Mister’s eyes but everyone is doing boudoir pics and posting them so why not me? I love they way they turned out and I want to do more after I’m a Mrs. Here is a tiny tid-bit:

boudoir1I love the pink “lens”. My face looks very round but the angle is what it is and my fat face is what it is!

boudoir2I liked this one so much I used it for my company’s MySpace pic.

So much for his eyes only…

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French for Him

I found the most awesomest (I’m using poor English on purpose there people) cuff links over at Cufflinks.com.


Those are pretty dope. I bought my Mister some silver and diamond cuff links as an engagement present a while back and I figured he would wear those at the wedding but now…not sure…these are just…so…awesome!

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I finished and sent off most of my save-the-dates (also known as STDs)  I still can’t get used to that.

Here they are:


I think they turned out great.  I asked for a template from Aylee Designs, and she was so nice to send it to me a day or two later.  I didn’t end up using it because I got impatient and just made my own using Publisher and Photoshop.   Lucky for me I have card stock on hand – always – and I bought a corner cutter not too long ago.  The print quality is very good for an inkjet.  I used my fiance’s printer and it is an HP Photosmart 8400 Series.  Worked great.

*Mister decided to use my leftover cut paper and craft while I was crafting.  This is a piece he titled Geometric Asian Character or something like that. 

 Mister Crafty

He’s so stupid.  God, I love him!

When I went to the post office to pick out stamps, there was nothing good at first.  I didn’t want pink or lavender love stamps – so not me.  No birds or presidents, c’mon.  I asked to see everything and thank goodness the lady at the counter was so nice.  She told me about superheroes, probably thinking I wouldn’t like them but of course I thought about my honey.  He loves comics and anime.  They are stamps of Marvel Comics’ characters and I know my man is into the Silver Surfer series (we still haven’t seen the Fantastic Four movie but we were disappointed in the first one)…  Anyway, I knew he would like them and it would give him a chance to be represented somehow.  They were great.  I bought a book of 20 and the nice lady congratulated me and I felt so official.

Stamps STD

I tried to personalize each envelope with a stamp relating to the person/family somehow.  Like my friend and bridesmaid, Kelly, loves the color red so I gave her an Elektra stamp.  And my oldest Brother has a beautiful family of four so, of course, I gave them a Fantastic Four.  You get the idea.  I’m not sure if that will even be noticed by anyone, but that’s me.  That’s how I roll.

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FH: You know, I’m proud of you.
Me: What did I do?
FH: You’re just so tenacious.
Me: And you are proud of me for that?
FH: Well, yes.
Me: Weirdo! But thanx, babe.

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I gave the beau homework to do over the past weekend. It was a wedding planning questionnaire I got from About.com Weddings. Here is the link: http://weddings.about.com/od/gettingstarted/a/Questionnaire.htm

I was surprised at how open he was to the homework. I did actually have to help him through a couple of the questions but he thought it was fun. What a great guy I have.

Anywho, basically the questionnaire helped us to sit down and develop a concrete plan about the style of wedding we want. We agreed on a lot: Spring wedding; orange, brown and cream colors; apparel and aesthetics are very important; keywords: fun, romantic, classy, funky, evening.

I suggest if you are in the same place I am – trying to get excited about such a stressful time – do this together with your partner. It really was fun and I think it helped us begin to move forward with plans.

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