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Am I doomed?

Gasp!  I did not have anything old, I think pretty much everything for the wedding was new but I had nothing borrowed and absolutely nothing blue.  I meant to get to all that stuff but really I just forgot.  Why is this tradition so important for weddings?  I wonder if brides who were really planning on partaking in this but forgot something actually freak out?  I certainly did not.

Who cares of I did not have something blue?  I got a husband and I’m thrilled with that gift.


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I finally purchased my bustier over the weekend…well, my Mom did. She’s a true Godsend, I tell ya! It was very stressful trying on all those strapless bras and corsets. My skin was so red with all the twisting and pinching and turning. I am very pleased with the bustier I chose.  bustier1 I’m not sure if this is the exact brand – Jezebel (stock photo) but it looks exactly like it and it was about $48.00 from Dillard’s.  It’s nude color b/c my dress is very thin and white would show through and my Spanx are nude too.

I have a football player’s upper body like this:


My bustier really nips me in at the waist allowing me to look more like this:


With that and my Spanx, Happiness ensues!

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DIY Veil

For the longest time, I thought I would buy my veil via veilshop.com. But something kept me from pushing the “check out” button. I would go to the site at least once a week for the past three months. I ordered swatches and saw that the light gold tulle was THE perfect color choice. I thought I had it figured out. Why, why couldn’t I just buy the darn veil. It was the price. The veil I wanted would have been $47.

Veilshop1 Veilshop2

That is actually a phenomenal price for a veil. David’s Bridal veils are as much as their dresses coming in at over $100. Ridiculous!

I still could not justify spending more on my veil than my gorgeous couture wedding gown. Yes, the price of my gown is do to my good fortune of having a mother who was privy to an unreal Neiman’s sample sale but still – I just couldn’t spend more on the veil. So, I finally decided to just make my own. I looked up DIY veils and came across this helpful page: Single Layer Veil

So, I hopped on over to JoAnn’s to attack the tulle section and found the most amazing gold sparkle tulle. At first, I was a bit concerned about the sparkly nature of the tulle but as they did not have any other matte finished gold tulle, I pulled the trigger. When I got the fabric home, I put it up to my dress and breathed a huge sigh of relief. It was perfect.

I spent a whopping $10.19 on the tulle and the comb. The tulle was $1.99/yard and I bought two yards. I had a 40% off coupon. Told you I was thrifty! The comb was $6.99. I should have used my coupon on the comb but I had already used it when they cut the tulle. Oh well. $10.19 is a great price for everything. I had ivory thread at home so I was good to go.

Here are some pics of the process of making my veil:








Sorry about not having a full length picture of it. I couldn’t take one that didn’t show my messy house. 🙂

So there you have it. Easy as pie. The only drawback is that finishing the edge with the overlock stitch took forever. I love the way it turned out. I tried it on with my dress and my jewelry and when I looked in the mirror, I got butterflies. I think I’m ready to get married, y’all!

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Dinner Guest: Nicole Miller

Nicole Miller will be attending my wedding night dinner with me and the new hubby. How did I swing that you ask? Easy. I just purchased her from Neiman’s. Well, Mom did – you know how that goes.

Here she is:

Nicole Miller Bubble Dress

White. Silk. Was $345 – Now $86 (for the layperson. Super cheap for moi). Sorry ladies, I got the last one. Now, I don’t have to sew anything. Damn it feels good to be gangster (shopper).

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Wedding Shoes – Fab!

Here are my shoes:


I bought them on Friday, 9.21 and received them on Thursday, 9.27. Not bad Piperlime. I love them. They go perfectly with my dress. Yay!

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Wedding Day Clutch

White House Black Market has a gorge little pearl clutch that would be perfect for a bride.  Oh, it’s on sale!

Pearl clutch

If it were a bit more gold, I would consider getting it but I don’t think the silver tone will work with my overall look – golden everything!

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Wedding Shoes – Found!

I just bought my wedding shoes. I have been searching and searching. I thought I might do chocolate brown satin. Then I thought maybe a bronze would be better. Lately, I figured a rich gold would look best. This morning, I looked a shoebuy.com, shoemall.com and piperlime.com. Piperlime was it! I found these gorgeous little things:

Wedding shoes

Caparros Reina @ 65.00. They are 100% silk and a great price. FYI – these shoes cost more than my dress (I told you it was insanely priced). I bought the last pair they had – not just in my size but THE last gold pair. Uh, huh. Now they have silver and black, which are both on sale. Mine were not (bastards) but it was so meant to be, I had to purchase them. I’m the pickiest shoe shopper ever and the only thing negative about these is the heel. I wish it were a bit pointier and did not curve out slightly at the bottom but I forgive them. Everything else is so perfect and elegant. I didn’t think I would go for the peep toe but with my dress, a sandal with a bow wouldn’t work. I called my Mom to see if she thought they would work and she really liked them. Happy as can be am I!

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