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The OCD In Me

Who just spent the last 3 days transferring (copying and pasting) all 5 of her wedding registries into one nice little Excel worksheet (included in my master wedding planning spreadsheet)? That would be me.

Crazy? Um, yeah!

Worth it? Absolutely!

I swear I need to sell my spreadsheet. I made so many formulas and worksheets. It’s ridiculous but essential, especially because I live on the computer.

*On a side note, I was a bit disappointed with registering. I thought it would be way more fun. I was so excited to walk around Target with that little gun…but it wasn’t what I thought it would be. That’s why I registered at 4 other stores. I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted in just 3 registries. So, 5 was the magic number: Macy’s; Dillard’s; Target; Crate & Barrel and Pottery Barn. I hope that does not seem excessive. The amount of gifts I registered for is completely reasonable for 85 to 100 invitees. I just wanted it to be easily accessible and have a good item mix. I really believe I accomplished that even if the 5 registries are a faux pas.


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