The Name Shame

I received my first official mail with my new last name.  Trouble is – I don’t know if like it.  I decided to change my name, much to my chagrin (love you honey).  I am so used to my name.  I like having double initials, which gives me my nick-name, CC.  But, I love my husband  and I love the idea of us sharing whatever we can.  I also want to have the same name as my children (God-willing).  What I decided was to just add my new last name to my current name, keeping my middle name.  Got that?  I will have 4 names.  I will ask to be addressed by first, old-last, new-last (no hyphen).  Legally, you have to have a hyphen to keep your old last name as a surname but I don’t care.  That’s how I will be referred to and the US gov’t can kiss it!

Still, I am totally procrastinating about changing it.  I need to order an official copy of our marriage certificate, which we should have done when we got our license.  It’s so labor intensive.  Done with my B&M session.  Switching to excitement about eventually becoming an official “new woman”!


What’s Next?

Today is our two week anniversary.  Whoa!  It’s great being married and not having to venture away from my honey to go to a far away apartment.  That’s right – we did not live together until right before we left for Las Vegas.  I moved in to my DH’s home the weekend before.  I do not recommend moving the weekend before your wedding, by the way.  So much stress.

But now, my focus is on turning my new house into a home.  DH was living pretty viking-like, as most bachelor’s do.  The house needs a woman’s touch and I have decorating on the brain.  From paint, to curtains, to new furniture, it’s all I can think about.   I’ll probably start a whole new blog to document my adventures in interior design, so I’ll keep you updated.

I feel so blessed right now and so happy – I really hope this feeling lasts…!

Teaser Pics




Our Mandalay Bay Wedding was exactly what I hoped it would be:  wonderful!

I’m Married

So, no more wedding planning.  Thank goodness.  I’m over it.  Everything turned out great.  I fit into my dress.  The chapel was gorgeous.  The reception suite was bomb.  The cake was amazing.  The food was great and the whole thing rocked hard.

I still have to write thank you cards, upload pics and work on a married bio.  Me and the hubster have a lot of unpacking, rearranging, decorating and improving to do around the house.  Hopefully, I can focus back on school and my business.

Wow!  Being in love and officially hitched is great – so far!!

Bachelorette Fun

One of my BFFs hosted a sort-of surprise Bachelorette Weekend for me. I had so much fun but look at this picture of the yucky weather we faced on Saturday:


And it was cold.

My hostess and her mother treated us all to Mani/Pedis and Mimosas at Deluxe Nail Salon in McKinney. The place is so nice that I will go back even though it is quite far. My MOH lives in McKinney so I have another excuse to visit her more often. She couldn’t join us b/c she had the flu and I keep praying that she feels better for the wedding…But I digress. Pictures:


On to lunch (which consisted of lots of cheese and crackers and wine) and gifts which was a complete surprise. It was a great day.


While trying to recover from cheese bloat, we decided to get dressed for our night out, (my dear hostess’ mother let slip that we were going to Dragonfly. Yum.


I love that blurry picture for some reason. Moving on:


Big Flirts in both pics!


I was trying to be funny in the dessert pic. The chocolate cake was divine (we all shared).


Posin’ – a lot.

After dinner, we headed to the Candleroom and had a few more drinks. We were well behaved because the weather was so bad but we managed to have a great time. I even let me hair down.



I finally purchased my bustier over the weekend…well, my Mom did. She’s a true Godsend, I tell ya! It was very stressful trying on all those strapless bras and corsets. My skin was so red with all the twisting and pinching and turning. I am very pleased with the bustier I chose.  bustier1 I’m not sure if this is the exact brand – Jezebel (stock photo) but it looks exactly like it and it was about $48.00 from Dillard’s.  It’s nude color b/c my dress is very thin and white would show through and my Spanx are nude too.

I have a football player’s upper body like this:


My bustier really nips me in at the waist allowing me to look more like this:


With that and my Spanx, Happiness ensues!

Even though we were both for the Giants, my mister made sort-of a wager if they won the Superbowl.  It was in the third quarter and the score was close, you remember how tense of a game it was.  So, mister is on the edge of his seat and he’s so antsy and nervous.  He jumps up and shouts to me, “If the Giants win, I’ll buy you a $10,000 wedding ring.”

Um ok – what a weirdo right!  Now, I don’t expect him to keep his word as he/we cannot afford a $10k wedding band but it was still cute, no?  Still, I’m thinking that he’s gonna upgrade me pretty good.  He’s just so happy the Giants won.
I happen to love football and we both get a little depressed when football season is over.  So ladies, always remember to enjoy football with your man.  You never know what rewards you will reap!