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Am I doomed?

Gasp!  I did not have anything old, I think pretty much everything for the wedding was new but I had nothing borrowed and absolutely nothing blue.  I meant to get to all that stuff but really I just forgot.  Why is this tradition so important for weddings?  I wonder if brides who were really planning on partaking in this but forgot something actually freak out?  I certainly did not.

Who cares of I did not have something blue?  I got a husband and I’m thrilled with that gift.


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Macy’s is having a little “thing”, this Saturday. I will attend and take pics and see what it is all about. I hope I win something.


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Now I am on to shopping for jewelry. My something old will be a gold rose necklace my late grandmother gave me when I was about 10. I’m not sure if I will use it as a necklace. I might try it as a bracelet or as a bouquet charm.

Right now, my main focus is on earrings and bangles. I know I want drop style earrings but I’m undecided on the stones. Citrine would work b/cc of the orange/gold color and it is my mister’s birthstone. I can’t go wrong with Diamonds but I may have to sacrifice size. The main site I’m searching is ICE.com, mainly b/c the selection is good and they have a great monthly payment option. Here are some contenders:




I really like the idea of wearing pearls.



I also like this necklace but I’m supposed to be focussed on earrings…

citrine necklace$175

I didn’t find too much in the way of bracelets except this beauty, which is completely out of my price range.


Visions and decisions…

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