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I found a great knottie bio today.  Devonw11.  This is going to be so helpful to me.  Her wedding was full of creative ideas and fun projects.


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Go check out Style Me Pretty for a sampling of great wedding inspiration boards.  Yours truly was featured yesterday!

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Look what I just came across while visitng KerCo‘s knottie planning bio: 


photo credited to daveschic (knottie bio)

These look just like the table number cards I designed.  I swear I just saw these today.  I guess when it comes to weddings, there are so many yet everything is so much of the same.  The same fonts, same basic ideas.  KerCo also uses the scriptina font on a lot of her stationary and her invitations remind me of mine in a way.  I really want to be different but is that possible without being avant guard?  Back to the designing board.

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Knottie DIY

This is the cutest STD ever (that reads wrong on so many levels)!  I cannot get over how clever and creative this is.

So freakin’ cute.  I wish Kirsten & Jason all the best!

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